Methods of payment in legal bookmaker companies

The topic of payment methods accepted by bookmakers in the betting market is shrouded in mystery. In today’s text, we will try to deliver key information that can answer the questions. 

The online betting market is growing, and players are more willing to play online than at land-based betting shops. Therefore, many bookmakers are looking for information on the payments they can make. What forms of payment are allowed by legal bookmakers?


Credit and debit cards

Of course, we have to start with the basics. Credit and debit cards are the first option. These are the options most often used by people making transactions online, so bookmakers should have offered their players this option.

Online transfers by credit or debit card are not only secure but also fast. Usually the funds deposited appear in the player’s account within a few minutes at most. In the case of this form of payment, it is necessary to provide the personal data of the owner, the card number, as well as the CVV code, which is on the back.


Instant bank transfer

Players also like to take advantage of instant online banking. Instant transfer ensures that money is transferred from the bank to the player’s account at an accelerated rate, regardless of the time of day. There are no fees for such deposits. This is a free option, and all licensed operators allow players to make instant bank transfers.


Traditional bank transfer

Not everyone is moving with the times, and you will find a significant number of players who like to use the traditional bank transfer option. In this case, bookmakers should consider the fact that such a process can even take several days. Nevertheless, bookmakers want to meet the expectations of all players and therefore offer this option. 


Stationary points

One option for depositing cash, if we don’t feel too confident online, is to do it through a fixed point. The whole process depends mostly on the employee working. Usually the funds appear in the account within a minute, and bookmakers do not charge a commission for this function.


Electronic Wallets

Let’s start by analyzing the term “electronic wallet.” It is an external account that can be opened on a portal that provides such services, and from its level, payments can be made online. 



One of the most popular e-wallets in the world. Transactions can be made with a card attached to your account. This option can’t be used on all legal bookmakers, but it has appeared in the offerings, so I had to mention it. An interesting advantage of Neteller is the loyalty program, which, like bookmakers, allows you to accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for prizes.



The second electronic wallet you can use is Skrill. Its popularity around the world is mainly due to its speed. Skrill is similar to a bank account and guarantees anonymity.



The Masterpass system works on the basis of MasterCards, which are registered in special systems. So you don’t have to enter your data several times. They remain in the database. This action speeds up the money transfer process.



It’s hard to say which of the options for making a deposit to an account is the most popular. It’s safe to say that everyone has something different. Most deposits are made with a credit card, but each of the above options has its supporters. The deposit booking time for each form of online payments is the same, and all legitimate bookmakers try to credit the player’s account as quickly as possible.

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