What types of eSport bets are available today?

This topic is becoming more and more interesting for bookmakers, who, seeing how eSport is developing, plan to start giving even more types of bets on it. This is a great alternative to classic sports – of course, if you have at least a minimal knowledge of eSport.

It’s hard to predict a result or combination without knowing the sport in question. We decided to show you most of the options offered by bookmakers in eSport. What does it look like in the best companies offering this type of betting?

eSport – what can I bet on at the bookmakers’ offices?

Of course, most types and different combinations can be found on the most popular games. This, of course, includes Dota 2 and League of Legends. In each of these games, bookmakers offer several tournaments taking place simultaneously on all continents.

eSport is growing rapidly, and therefore the number of tournaments and fans is increasing. Bookmakers are moving with the times and expanding their offerings month by month. 


Pre-match betting

The greatest number of options can be found in the pre-match offer. This is a range of betting types that bookmakers release for individual games. The more famous it is and the higher the ranking of the competition, the more interesting options there are. Some games, such as Overwatch or Starcraft, are based only on predictions about the winner. 

Pre-match betting can be based on anything a bookie can come up with. There are possibilities that we would never have thought of. They involve the players themselves, the outcome – virtually everything you can bet on.


Long term bets at eSport

One of the less popular types of bets on eSport in Melbet is long term. You will have to wait for the result. They are usually placed before major tournaments, be they world championships or competitions. In long-term bets, the bookmaker usually has an opportunity to get a Melbet first deposit bonus, to bet on who will be the winner of the entire tournament. It is also possible to bet on individual places in the whole competition. Betting on such an event is quite difficult, but the odds can make up for all the risks, as they are really high.


Exact results

There’s something for those who like to take more risks than just betting on who will win the duel. Predicting the exact outcome of a fight is difficult, but possible. The odds are much higher than when predicting the winner on your own.

These types are most common in LoL, because there it is only played for a few points. This makes it easier to assess the whole outcome of the match – just look at the stats and hope for luck.


Winners of individual rounds

With increasing frequency, bookmakers are offering the option to bet on specific rounds or cards. It’s a little easier than betting on the winner of the entire match, or even more, on the exact result. 


First Blood

A different type of betting on eSport is first blood. Of course, we can’t bet on this type in most games, especially those that don’t rely on killing. In order to make such bets, we need to analyze the statistics, because there you can find which teams start well in each match.


Who will make the first set number of kills?

A bet that is almost an extension of the above. Many bookmakers for the most important bouts allow you to bet on the first ten to fifteen kills in the bout. This is a more complicated type than the one concerning the first blood, but, as in the previous case, the most important is the statistical analysis.

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