Why isn’t the bookmaker’s site working?

Any player probably knows that in theory you can bet on the Internet not only at licensed bookmakers. Look for Melbet website and play at your own pleasure.

In previous years, the popularity of illegal online betting portals significantly exceeded the turnover of companies that pay taxes. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the black market in this sector.

Based on the changes in the law, a register of banned domains was created, which includes the addresses of bookmakers who do not have a license. If trying to enter the portal nothing happens, it means the address is blocked because it was used for illegal gambling.


Lack of license is the reason

The reason is the lack of a license to accept online betting (it is required by the Gambling Act. This is the reason for placing the address in the registry of banned domains. After the entry, the network providers have 48 hours to prevent access to illegal gambling domains and to redirect the connections to the message of the Ministry.

Players can be punished not only by an administrative fine, but also by the responsibility provided by the Tax Code. Although, to tell the truth, in practice, it does not work and we are not aware of any cases when the player was fined for playing in an illegal bookmaker’s office. 

If someone deliberately wants to bypass the blockade (it is possible with the help of VPN-tools), he not only breaks the law, but can lose his winnings. Due to the fact that, according to the Gambling Law, payment providers are not allowed to conduct financial transactions on the domains, listed in the state register.

Betting on illegal bookmakers is double gambling. You can lose not only the bet, but also your winnings. Therefore, blocking its payment by the bank or other payment portal is a measure that can encourage the player to go to the site of a licensed bookmaker.


Are players from CIS countries people non-grata?

Players from CIS countries are considered by some bookmakers as undesirable due to the amendments to the Gambling Law. As mentioned in the introduction, the reason for the lack of access to certain portals does not necessarily have to be an entry in the registry of banned domains. Many betting companies themselves have gone underground, blocking their services for residents of certain countries. When the server of the bookmaker, which accepts bets online, detects from the IP-address of the computer that a player residing in Poland is trying to enter the site, it blocks access.


How do I know if the site is banned?

For example, on the site of the British bookmaker William Hill the player cannot register an account. Each bookmaker has developed its own method of informing about this fact – for example, it is possible to access the site of William Hill (even the Russian version), but it is not possible to register. Bet365 informs about the reason of stopping customer support.

For comparison, Comeon’s site has a spartan look – when you try to log in, it automatically displays a message that the service is not available to residents due to changes in gambling rules. If you want to be 100% sure that you are using a licensed bookmaker, we refer you to licensed operators at this point. 

The choice is always yours alone. If you prioritize high odds and lots of bonuses, probably an unlicensed bookmaker will offer better conditions.

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