Virtual sports: an alternative to traditional betting or their main competitor?

Virtual sports are becoming more and more popular among bettors. It is noticed by the bookmakers, who willingly include them in their offers adding new disciplines. What is a virtual sport? 

Virtual sports are events that resemble computer games in appearance. However, unlike console or PC, the player has no influence on the game, because the players’ actions are determined by the system. The course of events is largely based on statistics, but there is also a factor of chance. Legal bookmakers provide special software for sports simulations.


What and how can you bet?

Virtual sports include several of the most popular disciplines. Their number will vary depending on which bookmaker you choose. Most often you can find bets on virtual soccer, basketball and tennis matches. Equally common are bets on dog and horse races.

In the case of team sports such as soccer, speedway or basketball, you can bet on competitions such as the Extraliga, the Global Cup or the Automobile League. The teams that take part in them are similar to the ones you can watch on the real sites. 

The types of bets on virtual sports are no different from regular bets. The player can predict the winner of the match and set the number of goals or number of points. During the simulation, it is possible to follow the entire event. The whole event lasts less than in real sports:

  • football match lasts about 4 minutes;
  • tennis competition – 3 minutes;
  • and the speedway race is about 50 seconds.


Which bookmakers offer virtual sports?

Nowadays, most bookmakers offer bets on virtual sports. But there are exceptions that have not yet decided to allow betting on simulated games. Some betting shops even refuse to accept bets on virtual games after switching to a new platform. On the web you can easily check where you can bet on virtual sports.

As you can see, soccer, tennis and basketball dominate bookmakers’ offerings for virtual tournaments. You can also find bets on horse racing and dog racing, which are very popular in the British Isles. At home, these sports are just beginning to gain popularity.


Virtual sports in betting

Virtual sports are an interesting alternative to classic betting. They differ, first of all, with a short time to decide the outcome. On average, a soccer match lasts from 3 to 5 minutes, while tennis matches or dog racing are even shorter. In addition, virtual events are organized 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is impossible in the case of real life.

In a betting shop, it takes about 3 hours to play the entire Extraliga season. The last round is automatically followed by the first round of new games, which means a player can bet on thousands of events per day. Not surprisingly, many experts point out that virtual sports are the successor to slot machines. The large number of bets that are decided in a short period of time can pose as big a threat to the player’s wallet as the one-armed bandits.

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