Eckhart Tolle has said that presence increases when people come together in stillness, the positive energy can be very great when such groups meet

If you plan to start a new group, you may find the following guidance useful, and of course don't forget to email the details to us so we can add you to our Groupfinder page!

Hosting your own Group

Presence Groups need not involve a structured, organised large group of people; some of the most powerful evenings can be with only a few people in a friend's living room. Sharing Stillness is the key

Find a location large enough to comfortably listen to audio or watch DVD's. This could be in a private house or a room hired in a local community building. If renting a room you may need to ask for contributions to cover costs

You will also require an audio player or a DVD player/TV (large enough for all to see) and sufficient seating

Once your group is up and running you may wish to have it posted on Eckhart Tolle's official website. Visit the Local Groups Guide for advice, then complete their online registration form. There is a $35.00 USD registration fee. Of course, inclusion on our Groupfinder page is completely free

Structure for Group Meetings

Use the format recommended by Eckhart Tolle. You may begin with 10-20 minutes of silent meditation, then you could run an hour to an hour and a half of an Eckhart Tolle audio or DVD, ending again with 10-20 minutes of silence. It is best not to enter into discussions about the teachings as it will tend to stimulate the mind

You may find that this format is ideal, or the timings can be adjusted to fit the needs of the group. Some groups find that they have enough time to extend the meditation time, but this may not suit everybody


To purchase resources for your new group, or for your own personal use, the store can provide a full range of products. Here in the UK you will find Eckhart's books, CD's and DVD's sold at competitive prices from Cygnus Books, Amazon and eBay etc