Many of you will feel that we are part of a very important evolutionary development on this planet. Eckhart Tolle's books are now translated into more than twenty seven languages and both 'The Power of Now' and 'Stillness Speaks' have been in the New York Times top ten best sellers lists at the same time: the power of Eckhart's teachings are reaching more and more people!

We know that many would appreciate the opportunity to speak out about what 'The Power of Now' has meant to you. Do you have something to share with others who have also discovered his insight? Maybe you have a particular quote from his teachings that has helped you? If you have something to say about how Eckhart Tolle's books have affected your life please us now to be included on this page

  • "The teachings of Eckhart have changed my life so profoundly and yet when I try to think about these changes, there are no words, no explanations ... just an incredibly deep sense of joy. I do not need to sit in silent presence with others but I choose to. There is something quite beautiful in the sharing of such stillness with others ... an intense aliveness and sense of deep connection that is so fleeting in most of our daily lives.

    Thank you for creating this wonderful site.

    With love and blessings."


  • "The Power of Now is life changing, but those of you who are drawn to this web site don't need to be told that."


  • "I cannot begin to describe the impact of watching an Eckhart Teaching video with others in stillness. Everything is absorbed on a different level somehow and the peace felt seems to stay with you. More and more people in our group seem to be discovering that."


  • "I have recently started attending a 'silent group', and already I feel uplifted by it and look forward to the next meeting! Before I attended the last meeting I had felt emotionally flummoxed most of the day, unhappily defending threats to my ego. As soon as I entered 'the friends meeting house' I was more able to drop this pain, and by the end of the session I felt blessed with a soothing peace. It is as if the collective presence really aids and assists each individual to 'drop in' to stillness.

    This is not always easy on your own."


  • "I have never been a big reader of books but this book has changed not only my life but people I have given it to. My friend has her OCD well under control after reading it.

    Thank you so much."


  • "The 'silence' format works well; I liked the fact that I could just turn up with no expectation to say or do anything, other than salve the misunderstandings of the day, or probe within. Of course sometimes it was very pleasant to talk with people...but not having that pressure is a good thing... And the pattern of settling in, video, then meditation time I found just right too. I have no doubt that the group will facilitate and aid anyone that engages with it ...

    It has been for me a highlight of the last year- a valuable aid in moving into peace and stillness. The collective presence has many times quieted my mind and soothed my restlessness - may it continue to do so for all who enter the 'Friends Meeting House'!"


  • "The 'Power Of Now' was the first life changing read, then 'A New Earth'. From a personal position spending years trying to find the answers to life, studying religions, science, taking everything apart to see how it works, practising religions, then one book out of many comes along and puts everything into perspective.

    In a world where 'money' is a goal to many it was easy for me to be sceptical of anything, especially a book that was judged to be a life changer by readers, but Eckhart Teachings seems to be very different and hit on the source of many questions. All that is left is to share the experience with other people who feel an understanding with Eckhart's words."


  • "My life now has two parts to it, before and after Eckhart. The shift has been that dramatic. All the limitations, anxieties and burdens I had struggled with all my life gradually dissolved into space; into freedom; into peace. Now whenever any challenge arises I simply ask myself "is this worth losing peace for?" Inevitably its not.

    Life in presence is truly alive. Now everything is in 3D, everything is in bright vibrant colour as opposed to the flat monochromatic experience that was to live life through the mind. The difference is astounding, and I am so grateful....

    Thank you for creating this site."


  • "Hi to all. I first read Eckhart Tolle's 'Power of Now' about 4 years ago. At the time I was experiencing a spiritual awakening, which would take a long time to explain.

    Reading his book at the time confirmed a lot of things within. I laughed or smiled through most of the reading. Some other books that I had read before this experience also became alive

    I am very interested in the sharing of experience in the Now, or bliss.

    Love, peace and joy to all, for all is one."


  • "I think the Power of Now could be the most important book ever written."


  • "I first read The Power of Now about 5 years ago. At the time I found it very interesting but I don't remember much more than that. Some years later I began to pray for a spiritual teacher to help guide me. Within 2 weeks of this prayer Ramana Maharshi came into my life. After this I prayed for someone on the earth plane to come into my life and then Gangaji (from the lineage of Ramana), came to have her first Satsang in the UK. I felt my prayers had been answered but more was to come.

    Soon after Gangaji's visit I was in Glastonbury and bought 'The Flowering of Human Consciousness' by Eckhart to send as a gift to a friend. I decided first to listen to it myself and I was simply blown away. I then got the Power of Now out and read it again and found ... that what I had been seeking for the past few years i.e. a spiritual teacher, was already right NEXT to me (right by my bed in fact!) ... and then of course at the deeper level realising that what I have been seeking 'out there' is even closer than next to me - it IS me! The effect of this has been nothing less than utterly astounding. It stopped me in my tracks. It has lead me to KNOW that whatever I 'need' is already right here - also among the many benefits has been the gift of trust.

    I am inclined to agree with Colin who wrote 'The Power of Now could be the most important book ever written' however, it's useful to remember that the raising of consciousness has been slowly accelerating over a period of time and that one's ability to recognise the value of Eckharts writing will have been affected by much of what has gone before. That his work is truly exceptional both for it's clarity and because it goes beyond anything anyone else has written so far is to me without question. Other teachers like Gangaji, and Toni Packer are also very powerful in their simplicity.

    Moreover no work stands alone - it is ALL part of the wonderful shift taking place on this planet - what a time! What an opportunity we have to participate actively in an unfolding the like of which has NEVER before existed. This is grace indeed."


  • "Having read "The Power of the Now" and "Practising the Power of the Now", I thought that at last I had found my true spiritual path. These two books came along after a number of desert years and showed me that spiritual development does not have to follow any formal religion - I have previously followed Christianity and then Buddhism.

    I also found the books to be nourishing in their explanation of tension, stress and anxiety. My life has always been full of too many things to do and not enough time to do them. I've always striven to get one set of tasks done and out of the way, ready for the onset of the next set. The two books explain that stress is caused by being in the present yet wanting to be in the future and that each task should be done as an end in itself and not as a means to an end.

    Well, I tried to apply these lessons to a project of renovating and extending a large area of decking. The task involved taking up the old boards, renovating the joists on which they lay and then applying two coats of preservative to the 114 new boards, screwing them all down and then assembling and preserving the balustrade. A canny big task which took me six months to complete. I set about trying to be present during each brush stroke and every turn of the 2600 screws but my mind was bedevilled by constant mind chatter, past and future. In the end I gave up, feeling dejected that I had made no headway in practising the Now.

    After some months I bought a copy of "The New Earth" which explained about the egoic mind. Although it rekindled my spiritual spark, I was also perturbed by the sentence that says that "The initiation of the awakening process is an act of grace. You cannot make it happen nor can you prepare yourself for it, or accumulate credit towards it". It made me wonder if, at the age of 57, I'm just too entrenched in my egoic mindset to be initiated into this awakening process. On the other hand I wonder if I've been striving too hard to "achieve" the state of presence. I have a book of 3-D pictures. At first I used to strive to see the 3-D images to no avail. Then I learnt just to relax and slightly alter my gaze on the page and lo and behold they appeared. Is this analogy relevant to becoming present? Can anyone out there enlighten me please?"


  • "I have regularly used the analogy of the Magic Eye picture to explain presence (or sometimes enlightenment). You look for it for so long trying so hard to see something but only by relaxing your focus can you see the picture! I take the idea further by adding that as soon as you see it you think "Ah now I have it!" ... and try to look directly at it (and understand it with the mind) ... you've lost it. But once you have had the experience and you know it is there ... well let's say it gets easier with practice.

    Not that there is ever any doing or practice in it, more that it becomes your true nature"


  • "The Power of Now had an enormous effect on me twelve months ago. I was a 40 year old actor, unhappy with my career, selling ad space in between acting jobs unethically but trapped as a breadwinner paying bills, a bad husband and a selfish dad, living in the future and past.

    I now understand you can't always be happy but you can always be at peace.

    I am a better person now, spiritually, emotionally and while not perfect, it is as it is. Thanks to Eckhart and my GP who recommended his work, my panic attacks have ceased, I have transformed our dreadful life situation and while I slip back occasionally, the journey to get back on track is relatively easy! If I had not read this book, I simply do not know where I would be today. We have started a theatre school now here in Galway, which has brought us a lucrative part time income and means I no longer have to worry so much about money, plus I have also had the confidence to start a small role play company here. Tolle was undoubtedly the catalyst for this rapid change in my consciousness and I just wanted to share this with you all"


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